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A Few Hours Of Rain Was All It Took..

Today the new camp in Kara Tepe, Lesvos, was hit with heavy rain, and as predicted, it flooded many areas of the camp. What little people had got soaking wet, mud water entered the tents, who mostly is raised straight on the ground, some even without flooring. What you see is the result of a few hours of rain, what it will be like when winter really sets in, well you can imagine..

It’s not as this should come as a big surprise to anyone, we all knew this would happen when it started to rain. The area is known to be flooded when the rain starts, and there isn’t put in sufficient drainage to handle the water that will poor down in the coming months. Most of the tents are put directly on the ground, without gravel or pallets, many without any flooring at all.

We have seen government officials bragging about their achievements, putting up this camp in a week. Anyone can put up a camp that looks good on a sunny day, to make it work when the shit really hits the fan, is a totally different ballgame, and this camp failed miserably just after a few hours of rain.

As I have said previously, this camp perhaps looks ok from a distance, but after getting down to the ground, the reality is quite a different story. First this camp is built at the sea front, when winter is coming they will literally freeze to death, and if the cold doesn’t kill them, they will probably drown in mud, or from the polluted ground these tents are built on.

The head of UNHCR on Lesvos, Astrid Castelein, said when asked about the relocation of people in to this new camp, “As long as it’s peaceful, we believe it’s a good move, her on the street it’s a risk for security, for public health, and there is no dignity which we need for everyone”. I wonder what side the UNHCR is really on, when talking about security and dignity, she definitely can’t be referring to the people inside the camp, behind fences and barbed wire, living in the mud on polluted grounds, so who are they really protecting?

There are many organizations working inside this camp, trying to improve a hopeless situation. I’m wondering why these organizations haven’t spoken up on behalf of these vulnerable people, why these organizations stays quiet when there are obviously so many issues with this camp that should have been addressed. When looking through their pages on social media, there is no criticism towards the Greek government, I find it a bit strange.. To look the other way when injustice is done, to keep quiet when people are suffering, dose that make them a part of the solution or a part of the problem..

Is this an “upgrade” from Moria, I would say quite the opposite, it’s a yet another attempt to treat people seeking protection and refuge in Europe inn the most despicable way, without any concern of their best interest, it’s “Moria the sequel”, a hell in the making, and we just let it happen, again..

To see families, children, live under these conditions in Europe in 2020, blessed by the UNHCR, leaves a really bad taste in my mouth, who are they really there to protect..

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