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Some media links that might be interesting where Aegean Boat Report has been udes as a source, this list will be in constant development, adding new links as I go along. If you have links that you think should be on this list, please let me know by sending an email to:

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Greek court drops spying charges against migrant rescuers – Neos Kosmos

– De kaster oss i hjel – Nyheter Idag

– They throw us to death – cialisbbv–35-migrants-refoules-en-mer-par-des-hommes-masques-au-large-de-rhodes–deux-disparus-apres-un-pushback-de-la-grece-vers-la-turquie–frontex-avait-bien-connaissance-des-renvois-illegaux-vers-la-turquie

Glimmer of hope in the fight against violations at Greece’s borders (

Griechenland: EU-Grenzschützer sollen Flüchtlinge ins Meer geworfen haben – DER SPIEGEL

Aegean: Refugees thrown into the sea – Serious allegations against Greek border guards | Politics (

Greek border guards are said to have thrown refugees into the open sea | WEB.DE–209169495.html!5811851/

Almost a whole day after the Coast Guard finally picked up the refugees who were helpless in Laros – The Press Project – News, Analysis, Radio, Television

Leros: Rescue operation after 14 hours for refugees- They were left by smugglers on a rocky islet (

Greece Accuses Aid Groups of Helping Smugglers of Migrants – The New York Times (

«Ποινικοποιείται η αλληλεγγύη;» |

Αμείλικτα ερωτήματα για τις επαναπροωθήσεις από τη «Συνύπαρξη στο Αιγαίο» | Η Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών (

Griechenland geht gegen Hilfsorganisationen vor (

Greece: Aegean Boat Report dismisses claims of illegal activity – InfoMigrants

Greece has accused NGOs of aiding the smuggling of 10 people, saying it was part of a human trafficking ring – the Xinhua News Agency –

Greece harasses NGOs reporting migrant abuse (

La Grèce accuse des membres d’ONG de “faciliter” l’immigration illégale – InfoMigrants

Greek police prepare criminal case on migrant smuggling (

NGO denies migrant smuggling ring allegations |

Greek Authorities Target NGOs Reporting Abuses against Migrants (

Λέσβος: Εξαρθρώθηκε 10μελές κύκλωμα διακίνησης μεταναστών |

Βαριές κατηγορίες κατά ΜΚΟ ως και για κατασκοπεία (video) |

Δικογραφία για διευκόλυνση εισόδου αλλοδαπών στα νησιά του Βορείου Αιγαίου – Αστραπάρης – Χίος (

Αγνοείται 3χρονο προσφυγάκι | Η Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών (

Μεταναστευτικό: Βαριές διώξεις εις βάρος μελών τεσσάρων ΜΚΟ | Η ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ (

What does the NGO say about the new operation “Alkmeni” and the accusations of migrant trafficking | THE DAILY (

Tι απαντά η ΜΚΟ στις κατηγορίες για διακίνηση μεταναστών (

Greece accuses NGO members of ‘facilitating’ illegal immigration – InfoMigrants

Greece probes four migrant NGOs (

Reports of more and more pushbacks in The Aegean – Europe – › International

Turkey Claims Greece Pushing Back Migrants Turkey Sent There (

New York Times: Turkish authorities have seen refugees thrown by Greece into deplorable conditions at sea | Yunnan News | Al , Jazeera Net (

‘They Just Left Us’: Greece Is Accused of Setting Migrants Adrift at Sea – The New York Times (

Έτσι στήνονται οι κατηγορίες ενάντια στην Ελλάδα για το μεταναστευτικό [βίντεο] (

Victim of refoulement returned to Greece and hopes | The Journal of Editors (

Πέπλο σιωπής από το κράτος σε Κύθηρα – Αντικύθηρα – Kythera.News – Κυθηραϊκά Νέα

The violent abuse of migrants at Europe’s borders – Refugee Rights Europe (

Greek and Libyan coastguard harass migrants to turn around (

20 λεπτά παρανομίας και αήθειας στο Αιγαίο | Η Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών (

Asyladvokat: Hellas tvangsreturnerer båtmigranter til Tyrkia | Resett

Greece accused of refugee ‘pushback’ after family avoid being forced off island | Migration and development | The Guardian

– Det skumle er når «null innvandring» gir valgseier, sier hjernen bak EUs flyktningavtale – Filter Nyheter

Greece accused of “rejection” of refugees after his family avoided being expelled from the island Migration and development – Insider Voice (

Greske myndigheter bygger nå høye betongmurer rundt flyktningleirene: – De færreste journalister kommer inn (

Things change in Samos, but for refugees the nightmare continues (

Lesvos is also here | Nova Humanity (

Turkey, Afghanistan and How Greece is Breaking International Law (

Migrant family’s presence on Greek island hints at pushbacks (

Greece designates Turkey as a safe place for some asylum-seekers | Morning Star (

Επαναπροωθήσεις προσφύγων: Ένα διαρκές ανθρωπιστικό έγκλημα | LiFO

At the EU-Turkey Border, Human Rights Violations are No Longer Clandestine Operations | Public News

Greece blamed for hidden refoulements of migrants (

Greece singled out for hidden refoulements of migrants – Paudal

Dobberend op zee achtergelaten – De Groene Amsterdammer

English – Front-Lex

Frontex-Skandal: Interne Dokumente belasten Fabrice Leggeri – DER SPIEGEL

Las salidas de migrantes hacia Europa por mar suben un tercio al aliviarse la pandemia | Internacional | EL PAÍS (

Wie de Griekse politie tegenkomt, wordt teruggestuurd naar Turkije, vertelt Palestijnse vluchteling Huda (32) | Trouw

Πιστεύει η κυβέρνηση στα ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα; | Athens Voice

Griekenland duwt vluchtelingen terug de zee op; deze Noor toont hoe dat gaat | NU – Het laatste nieuws het eerst op

How boat refugees are forcibly driven back to sea – Teller Report

Hoe bootvluchtelingen met geweld terug de zee op worden gedreven | NU – Het laatste nieuws het eerst op

Advocates Decry Prosecution Of Refugees In Greece – Law360

Greece: Scandalous Sentence for Young Refugee, Request to Commission, Legal Action Before ECtHR and Ombudsman Report on Pushbacks | European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)

Οι επαναπροωθήσεις προσφύγων στο Αιγαίο (

EMBARGO-April-Lesbos-Bulletin-1.pdf (

Greziaren aurkako salaketa jarri dute Giza Eskubideen Europako Auzitegian | Mundua | Berria

Vorwurf aus der Türkei – Flüchtlinge nach Ankunft in Griechenland mit Benzin übergossen und angezündet? – 20 Minuten

L’uomo che documenta la guerra della Grecia contro i rifugiati | Rolling Stone Italia

Grekland motarbetar flyktinghjälpare och duckar för internationella regler – Syre (

Griechen sollen Geflüchtete misshandelt haben (

Claims that Greece pushes back migrants to Turkey are rising (

Refugees forced out of Greece – Big Issue North

Refugee pushbacks: Greece prepares to indict whistleblowers | Refugees News | Al Jazeera

Latin American Herald Tribune – The Hotspot of a Cold-Blooded Pushback (

The case against Frontex: Taking the EU’s border agency to court (

Refugee pushbacks: Greece prepares to indict whistleblowers | Refugees News – Funding News Asia

Refugee pushbacks: Greece prepares to indict whistleblowers | Techia News

“Pushbacks” as Euphemism – EJIL: Talk!

Devoluciones en caliente a sangre fría: testimonios de refugiados en el Egeo – SWI

Greece’s coast guard accused of mass migrant pushbacks – InfoMigrants

‘We were left in the sea’: asylum seekers forced off Lesbos | Refugees | The Guardian

The case against Frontex: Taking the EU’s border agency to court (

Migrant father charged with son’s death in Aegean Sea by Greece | Daily Sabah

Greece: New Lesbos migrant camp given green light – InfoMigrants

Iles grecques: l’envers du décor – La Liberté (

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor – Greece’s discriminatory vaccination practices render asylum seekers seriously vulnerable (

Fortvilet far tiltalt for at sønnen (5) døde på flukt – Vårt Land – Norges største kristne dagsavis (

Migrant father faces prosecution in Greece in 5-year-old son’s death at sea on journey to a better life in Europe – Chicago Sun-Times

Gresk flyktningpolitikk og ein fortvila far for retten etter at gut (5) døydde (

Greece: Dysfunctional Business as Usual | European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)

Refugee father charged with son’s death on journey to Greece | Migration News | Al Jazeera

‘We were left in the sea’: asylum seekers forced off Lesbos | Refugees | The Guardian

Αφγανός πρόσφυγας κατά ελληνικής Ακτοφυλακής: Αφησε ναυαγούς αβοήθητους | Sofokleousin

Afghan migrant, charged with endangering his son’s life in Greece, speaks out – InfoMigrants

Afghan migrant to sue Greek coastguard for drowning son | TBEN | 18.03.2021 | The Bharat Express News

‘All my hopes were him’: A migrant father’s plight in Greece – The Washington Post

Frontex scrutiny on rights violations is a PR stunt (

Afghan migrant to sue Greek coast guard over son′s drowning | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 18.03.2021

‘All my hopes were him’: A migrant father’s plight in Greece (

Sechsjähriger auf Flucht ertrunken: Vater klagt gegen griechische Küstenwache | Europa | DW | 17.03.2021

Flüchtlinge: Naser verliert seinen Sohn in den Fluten – und wird dafür verklagt – FOCUS Online

Επαναπροώθηση μέσα από το ΚΥΤ στο Βαθύ | Η Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών (

Greek state charges pregnant refugee on Lesbos who attempted suicide with arson – World Socialist Web Site (

Greece Sidelines Thousands of Asylum-Seekers in National Inoculation Drive | Voice of America – English (

Grèce : à Samos, les refoulements de migrants par les gardes-côtes, un « secret de polichinelle » (

Greek ‘pushbacks’ brought to European court after child refugees ‘placed back in boat and abandoned at sea’ | The Independent

Yunanistan’ın zorla bota bindirip Türkiye’ye geri ittiği Afganlar korku dolu günü anlattı (

Greek officials rob, force migrant family back into Aegean Sea: report (

Afghan asylum family beaten in Greece, set adrift at sea (

Προσφυγικό : Ανατριχιαστική καταγγελία για βίαιη επαναπροώθηση – «Fake news» επιμένει η κυβέρνηση |

Προσφυγικό : Ανατριχιαστική καταγγελία για βίαιη επαναπροώθηση – «Fake news» επιμένει η κυβέρνηση – (

Βίαιη επαναπροώθηση προσφύγων στη Λέσβο – Περιγραφές που σοκάρουν |

Επαναπροώθηση στη Λέσβο από κρατική δομή υποδοχής – The Press Project – Ειδήσεις, Αναλύσεις, Ραδιόφωνο, Τηλεόραση

Επαναπροώθηση από κρατική δομή στη Λέσβο | Η Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών (

Προσφυγικό : Βίαιη επαναπροώθηση προσφύγων στη Λέσβο |

Επαναπροώθηση στη Λέσβο από κρατική δομή υποδοχής (,114881,26640044,co-najmniej-20-osob-utonelo-u-wybrzeza-tunezji-w-wigilie-cztery.html,75968,26546341,niech-ci-rozmaici-nachodzcy-sie-uczuciami-rodzinnymi-nie-tlumacza.html,-h-epitropos-eswterikwn-ypothesewn-ths-ee,-ilba-giochansonå-hjelpe-flyktninger-i-Lesvos-11659503.eceå-døde-båtflyktninger-nå-reiser-han-til-Lesvos-for-å-hjelpe-igjen-12539127.ece

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