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When You Think You Have Seen It All..

I have over the years seen my fair share of despicable behavior in the Aegean Sea, both from Turkish and Greek coast guard, but today I’m actually lost for words. You take the weakest of the weak, the most vulnerable you can imagine, people totally relying on our protection, and throw them overboard as a bag of rubbish.

A multi-handicapped man was thrown in a life raft outside Lesvos south by the Greek coast guard, he couldn’t even walk, and they needed a crane and a stretcher to lift him out of the life raft. What kind of humans are capable of doing this is beyond me, it’s not human!

A family of 5 was found floating in a life raft outside Bademli, Dikili yesterday 13.40 by Turkish coast guard. They, as many other before them, claims to have been put in the life raft by the Greek coast guard, while trying to cross towards Lesvos. The eldest soon in the family is multi-handicapped, he can’t walk, paralyzed from the waist down. But still he was placed in a life raft by the Greek Coast Guard on Lesvos, they must be really proved off their work, I actually wonder how they can sleep at night.

It seems there is nothing they won’t do to “protect” their borders from these “invaders”, they have hit rock bottom, it’s just not possible to get any lower than this!

As I said, I have seen my fair share of shit, but this really pisses me off! The people responsible for this should be placed behind bars, they are a disgrace for the profession!

If you feel as angry as me about this lowlife behavior, please feel free to call the port police on Mytilíni, Lesvos, and let them know exactly how you feel.

Port police Mytilini: +30 2251 040827

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