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“Simplifying The Day – Norway Will Not Accept Boat Migrants”

“Simplifying The Day – Norway Will Not Accept Boat Migrants” is now being used as a slogan for the Norwegian right-wing party Fremskrittspartiet (The Progress Party).

The Norwegian right-wing Minister for The Elderly And Public Health, Sylvi Listhaug is exploiting innocent refugees of the crisis in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas to promote the Progress Party in the upcoming election using the slogan “Norway Will Not Accept Boat Migrants» to win voters by producing fear through xenophobic propaganda.

This while being fully aware of the simultaneously ongoing horrid situation for refugee children on the Greek islands – with one child refugee recently being stabbed to death in the temporary refugee camp, Moria where kids are left unattended. Still Norway refuses to assist EU in accepting refugees – thus leaving the southernmost countries to deal with the situation on their own.

The Progress Party, with their appalling attitude towards refugees and complete lack of empathy, is a disgrace for Norwegian politics and the country’s political debates. While people are living in inhuman conditions and children are locked up in closed refugee camps on the islands, the Progress Party wants Norway to do absolutely nothing about it. Humanity seems to have been completely lost while narcissism has taken over… There are no words to describe the shame the average Norwegian is feeling regarding this issue. None.

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