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1500 people transferred from Lesvos..

Today approximately 1500 people were transported from Lesvos to the mainland in a desperate attempt to take some pressure off the overcrowded island.

About 1000 people will be put in 200 tents in New Kavala – a camp where tensions are so high that organizations themselves have had to pull out of the camp as it’s too dangerous to remain. In other words, the refugees are being transferred from a bad situation to an even worse one – from one tent to another…

Arrivals on Lesvos this month alone has been almost 4000 people, so this action will in fact take some pressure of that specific island but it’s not going to solve any problems in the long run whatsoever. To keep moving people around within Greece’s borders will not change anything – it’s just a desperate attempt by a government that has no chance of dealing with this crisis alone.

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