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MSF found refugees beaten and handcuffed on the Greek island of Lesvos

Last week, Thursday October 20, we published a short report on Facebook about a group of 22 people who had arrived west of Korakas, Lesvos north. Today, MSF published a press release about this case, explaining that they had found several people from this group handcuffed and injured after being beaten by 7-8 men. InContinue reading “MSF found refugees beaten and handcuffed on the Greek island of Lesvos”

Children Phused Back at Gunpoint by Greek Authorities

In the early hours of October 1, a rubber boat carrying 43 afghans, 15 of them small children, set out from Cumhuriyet, Dikili, Turkey, destination Lesvos. At first light the boat was closing in on Lesvos, but deep inside Greek waters they were stopped by a vessel from the Greek coast guard, at gunpoint theyContinue reading “Children Phused Back at Gunpoint by Greek Authorities”

An epic blunder

Yesterday the right-wing pro government tv channel Skai, who eagerly supports the ruling government, made yet another blunder. An “exclusive” video was published, supposedly proving the well known rhetoric by Greek authorities on instrumentalization of refugees by Turkish authorities, but also trying to incriminate NGOs that supposedly had helped refugees to cross the border. TheContinue reading “An epic blunder”


We are perturbed and annoyed to once again be the subject of mischievous and entirely untrue claims from the Greek Minister of Migration Notis Mitarachis. We feel we must state publicly that his comments about Aegean Boat Report, specifically the claim that we ‘work with’ and ‘help’ Turkish ‘people traffickers’ and the claim that weContinue reading “Statement”

Perhaps there is hope after all, thank you Agathonisi

When a boat arrived on the Greek island of Agathonisi yesterday, we feared the worst, people was scared, hiding from authorities in fear of being illegally sent back to Turkey. After arriving they split up in several smaller groups, some moved quickly away from the area, other stayed in the area hiding in fear ofContinue reading “Perhaps there is hope after all, thank you Agathonisi”