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Families In Captivity On Farmakonisi

A group of 36 people, that supposedly have been held captive for several days on the island of Farmakonisi by Greek officials, contacted Aegean Boat Report for assistance.

The group of 36, 24 men, 6 women and 6 children, all from Palestine, has informed Aegean Boat Report that they wishes to apply for asylum in Greece.

So far they claim to have received nor food nor water, and been kept like animals in a small area surrounded by barb wire, only shelter is a small shed next to the port.

From pictures, videos and location data sent to Aegean Boat Report, there are no doubt that they are on Farmakonisi.

Also from pictures we can clearly see a Lambro Halmatic 60, ΛΣ 514, belonging to the Hellenic Coast Guard anchored at the port, the vessel most likely belongs to the port police on Leros.

The fate of the 36 on Farmakonisi is unknown, contact with the group was lost earlier today. No reports on people being transported to Leros, and we fear that they will be deported in life rafts in the Aegean Sea if nobody intervenes.

Update 12:00

Port Police on Leros say they know nothing of this incident, something that seems very strange. 36 people have been held captive on the inhabited island for days.

This morning the ΛΣ 514 left and a Lambro 57 coastal patrol boat took its place in the port, ID number ΛΣ 612, belonging to the port police on, yes you guessed correct, Leros.

They are obviously lying, and the reason for these lies, well we can online imagine, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

The situation on the Greek Aegean islands is totally out of control, more and more people are being pushed back after arriving on the Greek islands. The evidence is very clear, it had been documented for 19 months without any action taken by the EU commission, it’s not only an embarrassment for the Greek people, but for the whole of Europe.

It’s time for the EU Commission to intervene, this madness has been going on far to long already