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Refugees forced in to a rubber boat by HCG.

Another pushback video was published by Turkish coast guard, showing three vessels from the Greek Coast Guard while they were forcefully putting people in a rubber boat without a engine, and leaving them drifting at sea.

This pushback happened on Friday evening, allegedly outside Lesvos north, location can not be verified from data in the video, but a boat carrying 36 people was picked up by TCG south of Babakale, Turkey. The facts in this video can not be denied, and we can clearly see how people are taken from the bigger vessel, over to the smaller one, and then forced into the rubber boat, some even thrown in to the boat.

To see coast guard, that should be at sea to protect life, deliberately putting people lives in danger, is shocking. How people onboard these vessels can do this, knowing that they are breaking not only international laws, maritime laws but also Greek laws, is a disgrace for anyone working at sea. There is no excuse that they are only following orders from the Greek government, when they know these orders are illegal.

At some point people in charge of this madnes must be held accountable for there actions, this needs to stop!

All lives matter, regardless of their nationality, religion or color of their skin, we are all equal!

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