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Another dead child..

The body of a small child is found alone on a beach in Djerba, off the coast of Tunis.

Several dead bodies have washed ashore these past few weeks. Now one ear and the tip of a finger will be removed in hope of one day identifying the little one before the body is placed in a marked grave.

In one week it is five years since Alan Kurdi was found on a beach. He was not alone, both his mother and his brother were found dead near him.

The whole world cried for Alan Kurdi and we promised «never again»!

The only thing we have done is build a higher fence around Europes border making it impossible to seek asylum.

A drowned child, alone on the beach, wrapped in ocean plastic, is the ultimate symbol of our collective neglect!

Foto: Hamdi bin Mqar

Source: BudbringerenFraHelvete/TheMessengerFromHell

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