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4 People killed in pushback June 29th.

Alleged Pushback believed to have killed 4 people outside Lesvos!

A boat carrying 39 people was reported in distress west of Çiplak Ada, Ayvalik, Turkey. Turkish coast guard picked up 35 people 02.45 in the sea, 4 people are missing believed to be drowned. Rescue operations ongoing to try to find the 4 that is believed to be missing. Nationality, age and gender of the missing is not revealed.

The boat was allegedly stoped by Greek coast guard around midnight last night outside Lesvos north east. Passengers of the boat claims that Greek coast guard took their engine and fuel, towed the boat in to Turkish waters and punctured the boat, before leaving them helpless in the sea.

It has been proven without a doubt that this practice is widely used by HCG, to prevent people from reaching the Greek Aegean islands. If this was the case last night, their actions killed at least 4 people.

When will Europe take action to stop this inhuman illegal practice, when will enough be enough, how many needs to die?

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