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Press Release We were originally undecided whether or not to respond to the latest allegations made against us, three other NGOs and six individuals two days ago (Monday 19 July 2021). But having been named as an organisation in yesterday’s Kathimerini – a decision that newspaper would only have made having been given our nameContinue reading

We Must All End The Greek Government’s Abuse of Human Rights

The Greek government’s astonishing and unacceptable violation of human rights continues unabated, as the treatment of two more groups of vulnerable people seeking safety in the EU shows. In the early hours of 2 July, two boats arrived on the Greek Aegean island of Lesvos, one in the north close to Chapel carrying 10 people,Continue reading “We Must All End The Greek Government’s Abuse of Human Rights”

Greek Coast Guard Abandons New-Born Baby At Sea

Ten men, women and children, including a new-born baby, were held at gunpoint and stripped of their possessions by Greek police, before being forced into an engineless rubber boat and set adrift on the Aegean Sea, in the Greek government’s latest clear violation of international law and decent human behaviour. On 4 July, Aegean BoatContinue reading “Greek Coast Guard Abandons New-Born Baby At Sea”

Pushback Nr. 460

4 of June at 02.00 a boat carrying 44 people, many of them very small children, started out from Sazli, Turkey, heading towards Lesvos north. The trip lasted for five hours, people onboard was afraid that the Greek coast guard would find them at sea and push them back, especially after first light, but luckilyContinue reading “Pushback Nr. 460”