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Have We Learned Nothing From Our Previous Mistakes?

In the early hours of Saturday, 20 November, a boat carrying 34 people landed north east of Ákra Agreliós, Lesvos south. Immediately after arriving, the group hid in the woods in the surrounding area, afraid that if found by police, they would return them illegally to Turkey. At 04.45 they contacted Aegean Boat Report forContinue reading “Have We Learned Nothing From Our Previous Mistakes?”

Pushback Ongoing Involving 400+ People

Yesterday morning Aegean Boat Report was contacted by a large group of people on a cargo ship drifting south of Ierapetra, Crete south. People onboard estimated that there are between 300-400 people onboard. The boat was heading towards Italy, but due to bad weather and engine problems they headed towards Crete, where the engine stopedContinue reading “Pushback Ongoing Involving 400+ People”

Not In My Name

On Sunday morning, October 17, a boat reported to be carrying 23 people, 14 men, 4 women and 5 children landed west of Armenistis, Ikaria north west. The new arrivals contacted several organizations to make their presence known, pictures, videos and location data was received, and local media was contacted. Local residents, that arrived inContinue reading “Not In My Name”