The Disgrace Of Europe

A group of 27 people arrived on the small island of Diaporti, west of Livadaki beach, Samos north east, in the early hours of October 18. After first light they contacted Aegean Boat Report, asking for help so that they wouldn’t be pushed back to Turkey by the Greek authorities.

This same morning another boat landed west of Potami, Samos north west, also this boat carrying 27 people, and also this group contacted Aegean Boat Report and asked for help.

Both groups had provided sufficient documentation of their presence on Samos, pictures, video and location data was sent to Aegean Boat Report. Authorities had information on the location of both groups. In Potami the NGO Helsinki Monitor had sent an official notification to the authorities, on Diaporti a vessel from the Hellenic Coast Guard can be seen in several videos on location.

There is no doubt that the Port police on Samos knew about both arrivals, but only one group, the one that arrived in Potami, was taken to the camp on Samos, the other group from Diaporti island, was forcibly removed from Samos, and left drifting in a life raft outside Kusadasi, Turkey, by the Hellenic Coast Guard.

Unfortunately for the people traveling towards Samos north east, they didn’t manage to land the boat on Samos, instead they landed on a small “rock” only 50 meters from Samos, the island of Diaporti. In the dark it must have been impossible to tell the difference, and in the belief that they had reached their destination, they destroyed the boat, and sealed their faith.


Some of the new arrivals on Diaporti seems to have realized their mistake before it was to late. In the cover of darkness, and before the vessel from the Hellenic Coast Guard arrived, seven people swam the short distance, 50 meters, from the island to Samos, and escaped being pushed back.

At first light when they contacted Aegean Boat Report, several of them mentioned someone swimming, but when asked if someone was in the sea, they said not anymore, that everyone was on land and ok. We actually didn’t realize that someone had escaped from the tiny island, they continued to repeat that 27 people had been on the boat and everyone was ok, there was nowhere to go right?, my mistake.

Previous Pushback outside Samos

The officers onboard the coast guard vessel, a Lambro 57 belonging to the port police on Samos, seems for some reason to have fired a gun or a rifle, for what reason and towards what we don’t know. Several of the new arrivals reported that the Greek coast guard, who are on location was shooting towards them. We have also received voice messages where we can hear what we identify as shots fired in the background.

This sound could off course be something else, but combined with what the people reported, it’s at least suspicious, and if in fact they were shooting agains refugees on a small island, totally uncalled for.

The group has provided sufficient prof of their presence on Diaporti, Aegean Boat Report have received pictures, video and location data, we can also see a Lambro 57 coastal patrol boat belonging to the Hellenic Coast Guard on site.

All contact with the group was lost 08.25, on 4 different phones, so we assumed that the port police on Samos had arrived on the island and forced them to turn off their phones, or even hand them over, not an unusual practice from the port police. Non on these phones have been online since.

We hoped that this group also would be taken to the camp on Samos, as the group from Potami, but no further arrivals was registered, and we realized that they mostly likely had been removed from the area by force, and would not end up in any camp.

At 11.40 the Turkish coast guard found and rescued 20 people from a life raft drifting outside Kusadasi, Turkey, only three hours after last contact on the Greek island of Diaporti. There isn’t much doubt on what happened, nor is there any doubt on who is responsible.

From pictures published by TCG, Aegean Boat Report have so far positively identified five people, the same people who we can see in the pictures from Diaporti earlier this day. There is absolutely no doubt that it’s the same people, and as we have concluded so many times before, no doubt on who is responsible.

Unfortunately the port police on Samos seems to be suffering from amnesia, because if asked, there wasn’t any incident in this area, not as far as they can remember at least. The video of the HCG vessel on location?, “no that must be a mistake, probably something these criminal NGOs have cooked up to make us look bad”, yes, that must be it right..

When it comes to the 7 missing people from this landing on Diaporti, we believe they were found today(Wednesday), when NGOs was searching the area for people missing from a landing this morning. A boat reported to be carrying approximately 30 people landed on Samos north east, first 31 people was found, then an additional 14, way more than it should have been in the first place on this boat. We first believe that two boats had arrived in this area today, and that can still be the case, but we also believe that the 7 missing from Diaporti from yesterday is amongst these 45 found today.

We have published hundreds of pushback reports over the last year. Since March 2020, we have documented 755 pushback cases involving 20.446 people. In the same period, 385 life rafts have been found drifting in the Aegean Sea, carrying over 6.600 people.

Pushback by a Lmanbro 57 HCG Vessel in an previous incident

This is no longer even the “new normal”: it is just “normal”. There can be few more damning indictments of Europe and its people than that this is how we behave: risking and causing people to die, by attacking them, and denying them their fundamental human rights.

It is an attack on us all: when a government strips a Somali teen, a Syrian child, an Iraqi man, an Afghan woman of their human rights, you have to know that they are reserving the right to do the same to you, to your son, daughter, brother, sister, parents, grandfather and grandmother.

Those rights belong to us all: once they are taken from one of us, they can be taken from us all. It must stop. We cannot simply turn a blind eye to this – the disgrace of Europe. Instead, we must stand, together, and demand better: from our governments, from the EU, from the international community.

Not In My Name

On Sunday morning, October 17, a boat reported to be carrying 23 people, 14 men, 4 women and 5 children landed west of Armenistis, Ikaria north west.

The new arrivals contacted several organizations to make their presence known, pictures, videos and location data was received, and local media was contacted.

Local residents, that arrived in the area after being informed of their presence, provided water, food and hygiene items to the new arrivals

Port police arrived with two boats and a car in the area, and reported to have found 21 people in Armenistis, after being informed by locals. Two people seems to be missing, police was informed by the new arrivals that not all people that arrived was amongst the 21 found.

A Nissan Terrano and a Rafnar Leiftur 1100 Cabin Patrol boat, belonging to the port authority on Ikaria is photographed by a local in the port of Armenistis. The locals witnessed that at least 21 people was taken onboard before the boat drove away. Several people can be seen in front of the boat, but if we look closely, we can also see that there are men in dark uniforms wearing balaclavas. The orginal picture will have a better resolution, hopfully it will be given to the Greek press.

The boat that transported the refugees from Armenistis, is a Leiftur 1100 Cabin Patrol boat from Rafnar, one of ten boats in Greek Coast Guards possession, stationed on Ikaria, Alexandroupoli, Kastelorizo, Lemnos, Mount Athos, Chios, Mytilene, Kalymnos, Kos and Samos.

This tiny pice of information, the masked men, was overlooked at that time, because everyone assumed that the coast guard would only transfer them to a camp on Samos, this is at least what they told them. This did unfortunately and shockingly not happen.

According to local news, 21 people boarded a vessel from the Hellenic coast guard in Agios Kirikos, local authorities informed that they would be transferred to Samos. This was the information given to journalists at that stage, one day later the info from the local port police had changed, there was no incident on Ikaria.

Police on Ikaria had been searching for the two people missing from this landing, it seems they found only one of them, because 22 people were transported by a vessel from the Hellenic coast guard from Agios Kirikos.

Locals was informed through social media publications of their presence, and went to the area to assist. Local press was informed, and published the news together with pictures that had been provided to them.

A text book example on how to provide enough public attention, so that local port police couldn’t follow orders from the Greek government, to push them back, so everyone believed at least, no arrivals from Ikaria was ever registered on Samos.

Everyone assumed, also the locals who had helped them, NGOs and journalists involved, that the new arrivals on Ikaria was going to be taken to Samos. What happened was not only shocking, but also cruller and inhuman, a violation of international law, international human rights and international maritime law.

At 16.12, October 17, 22 people was found drifting in a life rafts outside Menderes, Turkey, by the Turkish coast guard(TCG). 8 hours after they made contact on Ikaria, Greece, they were back at sea.

From pictures published by TCG, Aegean Boat Report have so far positively identified four people, the same people who we can see in the pictures on Ikaria earlier this day.

All four phones that Aegean Boat Report had contact with on Ikaria this morning went offline between 07.48 and 08.58, and has not been turned on since. Not surprisingly since the people picked up outside Menderes was robbed of all belongings, phones, money, papers, even bags with diapers and food for the babies was taken by masked men on a vessel from the Hellenic Coast Guard.

We know from articles published in local press, that many locals witnessed what happened on Ikaria, especially locals in Amenities who assisted the new arrivals. We hope that they come forward, or at least anonymously, to talk and give statements to journalists, this needs to be published, and not only on Aegean Boat Report. This illegal inhumane behavior of the Greek government is done in the names of all Greek people, it’s up to Greek people to show that this is wrong, that it’s not in their name.

In the group there was 4 women, two of the pregnant, and 5 children, two only babies, 5 months and one only 3 days old. What kind of people force small babies and pregnant women into a life raft and leave them in the middle of the sea? People doing this doesn’t deserve to be called humans, it’s even an insult to animals to call them animals, they are nothing but monsters.

For a coast guard officer to be involved in any of this, is a disgrace for the whole profession, and they can no longer hide behind “just following orders”, because they know that what they are doing is illegal, in direct violation of international law.

Greek Coast Guard Lieutenant Kyriakos Papadopoulos would have turned in his grave if he had known this, and if he had still been amongst us, he would have resigned from the coast guard out of embarrassment, refuse to be a part of this madness.

The spotlight on Greece for illegal pushbacks has been increasing, from NGOs, international press and lately from the EU Commision. This pressure need to continue, to try to force Greece to again follow international law. So far it seems like the Greek government couldn’t care less, and are making a mockery of the EU Commission and international law. The lack of action on these atrocities, from the EU Commission, is not only an embarrassment for themselves, but for the whole of Europe, our values seems to be lost, intentionally by spineless politicians.

Since March 2020 384 life rafts have been found drifting in the Aegean Sea carrying 6,659 men, women and children, victims of cruel and inhuman behavior by the Greek government.

September 25 2021 Dikili Turkey, 151 people found drifting in 7 life rafts by TCG

For any questions from the public, please address the questions to the local authorities on Ikaria

Ikaria Mayor’s Office: (+30)22753 – 50409
Port Police Agios Kirikos: (+30) 22753 – 50700, 22753 – 50701, 22750 – 22207

“Our Fundamental European Values”

At 6.30am on Saturday 18 September, Aegean Boat Report was contacted by a group of nine people who had just arrived on Korakas, east of Skala Sikamineas, north Lesvos.

The group included three minors, a small child and a pregnant woman.

They hid in the hills on Korakas, afraid that if police found them, they would be sent back to Turkey.

They pleaded to be helped to a camp, but unfortunately nobody could come to their rescue. On Lesvos, or any other island for that matter, there is nobody – no organisation, no NGOs, no volunteers, journalists or lawyers – who would go to a location to help people who have just arrived, or even to document their presence.

If anyone did, and police found them, they would be arrested, charged with facilitating illegal entry to Greece, obstruction of police investigations and whatever other charges they might choose, just because they were trying to help vulnerable people seeking safety in Europe.

The new arrivals provided pictures, videos and location data, which prove they had arrived on Lesvos.

From their videos, any local would recognize the area as Korakas, and we can clearly see the village of Sikaminea in the background of one video.

Aegean Boat Report had contact with the group for just one hour: at 7.44am, all contact was lost, and the number hasn’t been online since.

We might think they just ran out of power on their device, but if so, it’s strange that they wouldn’t turn it on again after 12 days. If it had not run out of power, perhaps they lost the phone, or more likely, it was taken from them.

For a week, we searched for any signs of their presence, but no arrivals were registered on Lesvos on this or the following days to show they had been found and taken to a camp.

We heard rumours that they had been returned to Turkey, but we could not confirm them.

The most likely explanation was that they had been found by police. Perhaps a local had seen them in the area and notified them, or the group had walked towards the nearby village of Skala Sikamineas, and someone called the police from there. It’s difficult to say, because nobody talks about new arrivals anymore: it only gets them in trouble with the authorities.

Our fears were confirmed when the Turkish coast guard (TCG) published pictures and videos of ten people who had been found drifting in a life raft north west of Ayvalik, Turkey.

At 1.20am on 19 September, 18 hours after we lost contact with them in Lesvos, they were found drifting in a life raft 12 nautical miles from where they had arrived the previous day.

There is no doubt that the people photographed and videoed by TCG as they were picked up from the life raft outside Ayvalik are the same people who contacted Aegean Boat Report and desperately asked for help, from the hillside of Korakas, north Lesvos, the previous day.

No help arrived, because there is no help for these people. The only thing Aegean Boat Report can do in cases like this is to document, and later publish our findings.

Perhaps at some point in the future, these documented cases of pushbacks can lead to changes for the better. For the people in this pushback, and all the pushbacks in the coming weeks and months, there is no comfort in that, but we have to believe that things will change at some point in the future.

I have been telling myself this for weeks, months and years, and I’m losing hope that this will ever become reality. Since 1 March 2020, 19,127 people have been pushed back by agents of the Greek government in the Aegean Sea.

Is it plausible that the group itself managed to do this, by themselves, without any assistance?

First, they would have to find a life raft, in an area where there is basically nothing but small fishing boats, then inflate it and paddle – because these life rafts have no engine – back to the place they were fleeing in the first place. In the dark.

We must suppose then, that they were paddling with their shoes, because when they were found they had no shoes. Even the small child must have dropped his shoes in his efforts to help paddle them back to Turkey. Also a bit strange, they left all their belongings behind, bags, phones, money, basically everything.

No, it’s not very plausible, but this is what the Greek government wants you to believe: that these people wanted and somehow managed to go back to Turkey, a place so horrifying for them that they took their children in a dangerous boat, to cross one of Europe’s deadliest stretches of water, in the dark, and for this ‘privilege’ they paid a smuggler thousands of Euros.

Nobody could possibly believe they did this by themselves. I mean literally nobody. But nevertheless, this is the Greek government’s explanation for this “phenomena”.

And we must believe the Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis when he told CNN back in August 2020 that the Greek government was not responsible for these pushbacks, and said: “If there’s any incident that needs to be explored, if there’s any exaggeration at any given point, I’m going to be the first to look into it.” But it seems he has forgotten his promise, and instead of 1000 pushback victims that was refered to in The New York Times article, the number is today over 19,000.

August 31, 2020

Greece’s minister of migration and asylum Notis Mitarachi, has also been eager to proclaim the Greek government’s innocence in these pushbacks, that the international press is paid and been manipulated by the Turkish government – and the ‘criminal’ NGOs – to publish unfounded accusations to smear the good name of Greece.

He always, when asked about these pushbacks, says: “Greece has a tough but fair border management policy, to protect the border of Europe.”

But in the last 18 months, 361 life rafts, carrying more than 6,300 people, have been found drifting in the Aegean Sea.

Never before, anywhere, have so many life rafts been found at sea during peace-time, but European politicians seem to be unwilling to even address the issue.

The politicians we have elected to protect, as the Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson put it, “our fundamental European values”, seem to be sleeping at a time when Europe is at a crossroads.

We need to decide if Europe will be a place where people seeking safety are protected, where international laws and human rights are upheld, or if we will continue to build a wall around Europe, into which only fortunate will be allowed to enter.

Oil Tanker Rescued 150 People In Distress

The thanker Aristotanis was heading to Crete, when they came across a wooden boat in distress, 70 nautical miles southwest of the island of Schiza, Peloponnese.

The tanker, carrying Marshall Island flag, decided to take the people onboard, because the wooden boat was drifting and taking in water.

The wooden boat was supposedly carrying 150 people, the boat had started out of Izmir area, bound for Italy. Onboard was a mix of people from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, 36 of them are children.

According to both rescued passengers and the crew on Aristotanis, a woman, while climbing the ladder up to the deck of the tanker, slipped and fell, they had no means of rescuing her, and she disappeared in the sea.

The woman was told to be an Iranian citizen, around 30 years,traveling with her husband. A passenger in contact with Aegean Boat Report said that she was also pregnant, so it was not one life lost but two.

A coast guard patrol boat, one air force helicopter and one navy helicopter were scrambled to the area and initiated a search and rescue operation, as far as we know the search have been without any result.

The tanker Aristotanis, bound for Egypt, headed to the nearest port on its route, Paleochora, south west of Crete, to disembark the rescued passengers. Why this port was decided is unknown, the port can not doc vessels of this size. Several ports on Crete are equipped to handle vessels like this, Khania, Rethymno, Sitia and Iraklio, but according to information from the Hellenic coast guard, non of these ports had any available space, not even in an emergency like this.

When the tanker arrived in Paleochora Central Port Authority in Chania sent out vessels to take the rescued passengers to port, but they refused to be taken to land, and wanted to be taken to Italy, their original destination.

This is understandably not possible, but we understand that people are scared, and their refusal to disembark on Crete is most likely linked to the Greek government’s systematic and illegal practice, pushing back people who have arrived in Greece, without giving them any possibility to apply for asylum.

From pictures and videos sent from people on the tanker, we can see a heavy presence of men in uniforms, carrying guns.

Particularly interesting, is the men wearing special ops uniforms, unlike the regular uniforms of the Hellenic coast guard, without any distinctions, black gloves and face covered with balaclavas.

These are dressed in the same way, as the men we have seen numerous times carrying out violent illegal pushbacks in the Aegean Sea, from HCG vessels and small RIBs. Why should this kind of firepower be needed, to transfer unarmed men, women and children, from a tanker to port, it seems a bit out of place, perhaps these people have something to fear after all.

Hopefully they will eventually be taken to port, and given their right to apply for asylum. The story has already been published in several newspapers, international and local, so it seems unlikely that the Greek government would risk pushing them back, and create even more attention to their illegal enterprise, but who knows. We have seen similar cases, where people ended up drifting in life rafts in the Aegean Sea.

People on the tanker say it’s quite, most people are sleeping, but they fear what tomorrow will bring, hopefully everything will work out for the best.

As one officer told a group on the tanker, “if you don’t go willingly, we will force you, or you will be sent to Egypt with the tanker”, not very likely considering international laws, but then again Greece seems to ignore international law at their own pleasing.

According to the local newspaper on Crete, neaKriti, the plan is to transfer the refugees to Chania, since there is no accommodation in Paleochora. The Mayor of Chania, Mr. Panagiotis Simandrakis, told neaKriti, that they will be accommodated in the children’s camp of Kakathas, and that the preparations have already been made.

Our thoughts go out to the husband, who not only lost his wife, but also his unborn child. More unnecessary lives lost at sea, as a result of our unwillingness to create safe passage for vulnerable people seeking protection in Europe.

The Folegandros “Mystery”

On September 5 Aegean Boat Report reported on a sailboat carrying 84 people, drifting outside Agkali, Folegandros.

“A sailboat reported to be carrying 84 people have arrived outside Agkali on the island of Folegandros. The people onboard have informed Aegean Boat Report that the boat has engine problems and they need rescue.”

For a week the whereabouts of the people on this sailboat, that was towed away, according to locals and journalists, by a vessel from the Hellenic coast guard, has been a mystery, nobody seems to know, or care where these people went. The silence from the Hellenic coast guard, when asked questions from journalists on this incident, seems also a mystery, they have given no information, on orders from the ministry.

On the day of the incident the Mayor of Folegandros, Efthalia Papadopoulou, told journalists from Protothema that there was a rescue operation ongoing by the Hellenic coast guard.

A journalist on site from EFSYN tried to find out where the boat was towed, without success. He was by coast guard officials told they knew nothing about the incident, and after continuing asking questions they replied that they could not give information on orders from above.

Also a concerned citizen on Folegandros, who was taking pictures of the incident, was approached by port authority officials, not only was she told to stop filming, but also to hand over her camera. When she asked why this was done, she was told by orders from the ministry.

In front of dozens of locals and Greek tourists, a case like this can not go unnoticed. Several Greek news sites wrote about the incident, it seemed like an open and shut case, people would be taken to a quarantine facility for due process. This did unfortunately not happen, and according to Greek officials, there was no incident on Folegandros.

The next day the local coast guard told a shocked SYRIZA MP, Nikos Syrmalenios, who arrived on the island, that they had no knowledge of any incident on Folegandros, also migration ministry told that they had no knowledge of an incident of arrivals of refugees and migrants in Folegandros, referring to the coast guard.

It seems like 84 people just magically disappeared, so what really happened to these vulnerable people?

On the day of the incident first on scene was a Lambro 57 patrol vessel from the Hellenic coast guard, we have pictures of the vessel together with the sailboat in questioning, published in Protothema. Also a helicopter was reported by locals to be in the area.

Also a privat Yacht, the Greek registered Christal Mio, was in the area, the yacht moved on, but have definitely witnessed the sailboat and the Greek coast guard vessel outside Agkali.

A bigger vessel arrived, identification number ΛΣ 090 Gavdos, a Stan Patrol 5509 offshore patrol vessel of the Hellenic coast guard.

The sailboat was, according to locals, towed away from the area, to an unknown and inaccessible part of the island, the passengers were transferred to the offshore vessel, it remained unknown where they would be transferred. The offshore vessel was observed leaving the area later this day, destination unknown.

No new arrivals was registered by the Ministry Of Citizen Protection, not this day nor the following days.

Also two Ukrainian human traffickers was supposedly arrested, but to this day no investigator or prosecutor has received any case file for these arrested traffickers, yet another mystery. The sailboat allegedly “sank” somewhere outside Folegandros, no answers are given by the ministry or coast guard headquarters, who denies any knowledge of this incident.

The following day, September 6, Turkish coast guard (TCG) found and rescued 84 people from four life rafts drifting outside Kusadasi, Turkey. From two pictures published by TCG we suspected that this was the same people who the day before was apprehended outside Folegandros by the Hellenic Coast Guard.

Today the Turkish coast guard was “kind enough” to provide additional footage from this rescue operation, where we not only can see the people rescued, but also the vessel who placed them there. Yes, it’s not without questions we use this footage, both Greece and Turkey would use any opportunity, in the ongoing propaganda war, to make the other side look bad. But when that is said, we can’t ignore the footage published by TCG, it’s just to many things that false into place, it all fits together.

In the video we can see a vessel deploying life rafts, and smaller RIBs towing them away.

HCG Vessel 090 deporting peopla outside Kusadasi, Turkey

When comparing existing published pictures and videos of the ΛΣ 090, there is no doubt, it’s the same vessel, and there are not many of these vessels or similar in the Aegean Sea, it’s in fact only one, the Gavdos, Belonging to the Hellenic coast guard.

Yet another proven pushback, this time not in the border area where it usually takes place, but in the Cyclades, over 130 miles from the Turkish border. The Greek government is no longer doing their dirty work in the cover of darkness, away from witnesses, but in brought daylight in front of everyone to see. They have become confident that nobody will try to stop them, that these systematic violations of international law and human rights will go unchallenged by the rest of Europe.

Greece has recently requested additional funds for border protection, especially in the Aegean, The European Commission asks Greece for transparency on pushbacks to release these funds. The Commission has asked Greece to set up an and credible “independent” mechanism to monitor and avoid pushbacks of migrants at its border as a condition to release an additional €15.83 million in migration funding requested by Athens.

It’s a small step in the right direction, but not by far the reaction on these authorities that would be appropriate for crimes against humanity. They need to do better, we need to do better to stop this European nightmare, that has been allowed to continue for far to long.

We are long past the question “who is behind these pushbacks”, we have seen to many videos of Greek coast guard vessels towing rubber dinghies and inflatable life rafts, testimonies from victims and investigations to be fooled by the continues denials by the Greek government, but still they deny it.

Pushbacks is no longer headlines in the international press, it has become the new “normal”, it’s performed in brought daylight, and even if we can see it happening, every single day, for some strange reason we can still hear Greek officials continue to deny any involvement.

Hundreds of pushback reports have been published by Aegean Boat Report over the last 19 months. Since March 2020 we have documented 637 pushback cases involving 17.775 people. In the same period 332 life rafts has been found drifting in the Aegean Sea, carrying 5700 people.

332 life rafts found drifting in the Aegean see, carrying 5700 vulnerable people, and nobody is asking questions. It’s time for the European Commision to take of their blindfolds and open their eyes, we can no longer tolerate these authorities to continue on European soil.

It’s Time For European Politicians To Take Off Their Blindfolds

On Wednesday morning, 8 September, a boat carrying 28 people landed south west of Ireo, Samos. Immediately after arriving they fled to the woods, hiding from the Greek police, scared that they would be found and returned to Turkey.

Arrival location Samos 08.09.2021

At 05.41 they contacted Aegean Boat Report for assistance, they asked for help, so that they wouldn’t be illegally deported by the Greek police.

The new arrivals provided pictures, videos and location data, there was no doubt that the group had arrived on Samos. Aegean Boat Report tried to persuade them to move towards populated areas, but in the group there were a pregnant woman, one person with a leg injury and some children, their ability to walk as a group was limited.

We had only contact with the group for five hours, and at 10.34 all contact was lost, on three different phones, simultaneously, we suspected that police had found the group, but they also could have run out of battery on their phone, all at once, we couldn’t know for sure.

Aegean Boat Report tried to find out what happened with the new arrivals on Samos, from local contacts we were informed that no new arrivals had been registered on the island, not this day nor the following days. The possibility that they had been illegally removed from the island seemed highly possible.

At 02.45 September 9, the Turkish coast guard(TCG) reported that they had rescued and picked up 25 people from a life raft drifting outside Seferihisar, Turkey.

From pictures and video published by TCG from the incident we have identified 11 of them to be from the landing on Samos south. The Hellenic coast guard had taken away all their belongings, bags and phones.

For a while we believed that perhaps a three of them had managed to stay behind, hiding in the woods on Samos, and at 06.20 Thursday morning the group of three contacted Aegean Boat Report.

We maintain contact for two hours, while they moved towards Ireo, pictures and location data was received, and in particular one picture proves without a doubt their presence on the island, a picture of the three of them in front of the road sign to Ireo. At 08.25 contact with the group was lost, most like found by Greek police in the outskirts of Ireo.

At 14.10 September 9, the Turkish coast guard(TCG) reported that they had detected three people, two men and a woman, on land in an remote area of Kusadasi National park, east of the Mycale Strait, only a few kilometers from Samos.

Their story is almost unbelievable, and if we hadn’t had pictures and location data from them that place them on Samos earlier this day, we would have had difficulty believing them.

The three of them hade decided to separate from the group and walk towards the village of Ireo, to try to be taken to the refuge camp on the island so that they could register their asylum claim. They slept in the woods during the night to avoid being detected by police, but in the morning Police had found them, just as they were entering Ireo, and they were arrested.

They didn’t see much, it was dark, but it was some kind of port. Police in dark military uniforms, head covered with balaclavas, forced them on a grey and white boat, most likely a Lambro coastal patrol boat belonging to the Hellenic Coast Guard. At night they were taken out to sea in high speed, and after about 30 minutes the boat stopped. Three people was thrown from the coast guard vessel directly into the sea, and told they had to swim ashore. Even with life vests, this is extremely dangerous, and can only be seen as attempted murder.

Illustration Pickture

This kind of inhuman and extreme behavior from the Hellenic Coast Guard is unfortunately not unusual, several have previously reported to have gotten the same treatment, left at sea and had to swim ashore, outside Lesvos, Samos and especially Chios.

The evidence speaks for itself, there is, and have never been, any doubt on who is responsible for these authorities.

It’s time for European politicians to take off their blindfolds, it’s time to see that what is going on on the borders of Europe is a crime against humanity, to say “we didn’t know” is no longer an option.We must stop pretending that this doesn’t concern us, that’s it’s “their” rights that are being violated, not ours.

It is an attack on us all: when a government strips a Somali teen, a Syrian child, an Iraqi man, an Afghan woman of their human rights, you have to know that they are reserving the right to do the same to you, to your son, daughter, brother, sister, parents, grandfather and grandmother.

Those rights belong to us all: once they are taken from one of us, they can be taken from us all. It must stop. We cannot simply turn a blind eye to this – the disgrace of Europe. Instead, we must stand, together, and demand better: from our governments, from the EU, from the international community.

The Greek government must stop pretending to ‘know nothing’ about a practice which is clearly its policy. It must stop pretending that every NGO operating in Greece, as well as the UN, international media and the European Council’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatovic, are in fact somehow ‘employees of’ or collaborators in, Turkish ‘propaganda’.

It must, immediately – as Greece’s Ombudsman has concluded and demands – open public and accessible investigations into the actions of its own uniformed officers in illegally expelling men, women and children seeking decent places to live.

It must end this shameful, illegal, dehumanising, embarrassing and unacceptable practice.

We Simply Don`t Care

On Tuesday morning, 31 August, a boat carrying 23 people landed south west of Tarti. Immediately after arriving they fled to the woods, hiding from the Greek police, scared that they would be found and returned to Turkey.

At 07.20 they contacted Aegean Boat Report for assistance, they asked for help, so that they wouldn’t be illegally deported. UNHCR on Lesvos was informed on their arrival and location, but as usual they do not do anything to protect vulnerable people arriving on our doorstep.

This should of course be unnecessary in a European country in 2021, but not in Greece, in Greece pushbacks is the rule, not the exception. Since March 2020 the Greek government has illegally deported 17.500 people in the Aegean Sea, men, women and children trying to seek asylum in Europe. 

The new arrivals provided pictures, videos and location data, there was no doubt that the group had arrived on Lesvos. Aegean Boat Report maintained contact with the group throughout the day, and tried to persuade them to move towards populated areas, but people was scared, and felt safer hiding in the woods.

In the afternoon the group had split into three groups, 12, 7 and 4 people. The group of 12 moved towards Evaggelistria, while the remaining two groups stayed behind. Two of the groups reported that there was drones above them, most likely drones used by port police to locate them.

In the afternoon we lost contact with the group of 7, we suspected that police had found them, but they also could have run out of battery on their phone, we couldn’t know for sure. 

The group of 12 we maintain contact with until 02.27 September 1, the last sign of life was a location sent over whatsapp on the road a few kilometers east of Evaggelistria, there was no text, connection was lost. Had they been found by police, impossible to say, but highly possible. We tried throughout the night to reconnect with the groups, unsuccessfully, neither of the phones have been online since. 

The third group of 4 people we didn’t manage to reconnect with after the group split up, we suspect that their phones was out of battery, these phones haven’t been online since either.

In the coming days we tried to figure out what happened to the 23 people who arrived on Lesvos south on August 31. No arrivals was registered on Lesvos, not this day nor the following day’s, there could only be one explanation, they had been pushed back.

At 20.35, August 31, the Turkish coast guard(TCG) reported that they had rescued and picked up 7 people from a life raft drifting north of Foça, Turkey. 

From pictures and video published by TCG from the incident we have identified all 7 to be from the landing on Lesvos south. The Hellenic coast guard had taken away all their belongings, bags, phones, and even their shoes before they abandoned them drifting at sea. 

Video By TCG 31.08.2021 Foca

Just after noon on September 1, Turkish coast guard found and rescued 12 people from a life raft drifting north west of Dikili, Turkey.

From the footage published by TCG we were able to positively identify 9 of the 12 people from the landing on Lesvos south on 31 August. This group had also had their belongings stolen by the Greek coast guard, and for some reason also their shoes. 

Video By TCG 01.09.2021 Dikili

For a while we believed that perhaps a few of them had managed to stay behind, hiding in the woods on Lesvos, but in the morning of 2 September, we realized that they had removed them all.

At 08.57, 2 September, the Turkish coast guard(TCG) reported that they had rescued and picked up 4 people from a life raft drifting north west of Dikili, Turkey.

Also in this last case we have positively identified all 4 as the same people who arrived on Lesvos south on 31 August. As we can see from the footage they were found without any belongings, no bags, no phones, and again without shoes, everything had been stolen by the Greek coast guard before they threw them in a life raft. 

Video By TCG 02.09.2021 Dikili

Also in the video from September 2, published by TCG, we can see a vessel identified as a Cantiere Navale Vittoria (CNV) P355GR coastal patrol vessel, belonging to the Greek cast guard, abandoning a life raft with 4 people in the Aegean Sea, south east of Lesvos. 

Video By TCG 02.09.2021 Dikili

The evidence speaks for itself, there is, and have never been, any doubt on who is responsible for these authorities. 

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Greek Minister of Migration and AsylumNotis Mitarachi, has on international TV denied all involvement in pushback in the Aegean Sea on several occasions. Where they blatantly lying, yes definitely, they should be removed from office and charged for crimes against humanity.

Artwork by Yorgos Konstantinou

We have seen vessels from the Hellenic coast guard attacking flimsy rubber boats at sea, shooting towards them, ramming them, towing rubber boats and life rafts towards Turkish waters, people being forced back into rubber boats and life rafts at sea from Greek coast guard vessels, hundreds of testimonies from people who have been violated, thousands of pictures and videos. 

Rarely have a case been so thoroughly documented, proven without doubt through open source investigations, reports in the international press, humanitarian organizations and NGO’s, hundreds of different actors all point in the same direction, so why don’t Europe sanction Greece for these crimes against humanity, when there is no longer any doubt that they are responsible? 

The answer is quite simple, and it gives me the creeps, WE DON`T CARE what happens to them, as long as we can continue our comfortable lives. We are willing to close our eyes, look the other way, because we simply DON`T CARE, if we had, we would have stopped this a long time ago.

Violations of international laws and human rights unfortunately happens every day in Greece, on orders from the Greek government. While the rights of men women and children, seeking protection in Europe are violated, the rest of Europe is looking the other way, pretending nothing is happening. 

The unwillingness by European politicians to act and stop these atrocities is a mockery of humanity.

14 People Pushed Back From Ikaria

In the morning of August 5, a boat carrying 26 people landed on Paralia Lero beach, Ikaria north. Only 12 people was officially registered as arrived on Ikaria, and transported to Samos.

Question is what happened to the rest of this group, police claims they only found 12 people, but locals that was on Paralia Lero beach this morning, confirmed that far more than 12 people arrived. From videos sent, we can confirm that the group consisted of 26 people, so 14 people from this landing seemed to have magically disappeared, again.

26 people arriving on Paralia Lero Beach, Ikaria

When they arrived several locals was already at the beach, police was informed straight away. From videos and pictures received by Aegean Boat Report, we can see numerous people and cars at the beach.

The new arrivals left the beach and walked towards the airport, also her they documented their presence on the island, and shared the footage with Aegean Boat Report.

There is no doubt that this group arrived on Ikaria, the footage they sent, and local witnesses, would be impossible to deny, still Greek police claim that they only found 12 people.

At 21.50, August 5, Turkish coast guard reported to have rescued 14 people from a life raft drifting outside Didim, Turkey. We assumed that this was in fact the missing 14 from Ikaria, but needed conclusive evidence to be able to confirm.

Videos and pictures now published by the Turkish coast guard, confirms that the 14 people picked up outside Didim, was without a doubt the 14 missing people from Ikaria. Aegean Boat Report have identified 8 people from the TCG footage, the same 8 people can be found in the footage taken on Ikaria.

TCG Rescuing 14 people from a life raft outside Didim, Turkey.

So why register 12 people, and push back 14 people from the same landing. The people pushed back was only men, the 12 registered was families, men, women and children. After arriving on Paralia Lero beach, they split up into two groups, 12 and 14 people, the families stayed behind at the beach, while the others group walked towards the Airport.

Police found 12 people at Paralia Lero beach, locals were present, observing, it would be extremely difficult for the police to claim that nobody arrived, therefore these 12 was registered as arrived, and transported to quarantine facilities on Samos.

The 14 that left the beach on the other hand, was found by police in the mountain, far from the eyes of locals, and could easily be removed without questions. Had they stayed at the beach together with the rest, they most likely would have been in quarantine on Samos.

“They found us in the mountain, close to the airport” one of the victims told Aegean Boat Report. Police ensured them that they would be taken to camp on Samos, this did not happen and was obviously a lie. “We were taken in an old van down to a small port, there they put us on a white and blue fishing boat, this boat transported us out to a Greek coast guard vessel”.

A local fisherman assisted the coast guard, who this man was is difficult to say, but most likely someone with close connection to local police. Locals on Ikaria could probably point in the right direction, if anyone would be interested in investigating this case further.

“They forced us in the dark into this raft” a man said, at gun point they had little choice. 14 people was left drifting by the Hellenic coast guard, in a life raft in the Aegean Sea. Inhuman and illegal actions performed by the Hellenic coast guard on orders from the Greek government continues.

Yet another violent and illegal pushback carried out by Greece’s police and coastguard, on the orders of the country’s Nea Dimokratia government.

We can’t say “we didn’t know”, because we do, it’s proven without a doubt that the Greek government is responsible for crimes against humanity, so why don’t we care enough to stop these atrocities?

Everyone seems to be looking the other way, it’s not our problem, it’s not our people, so why should we care? The unwillingness by European politicians to act and stop these atrocities is a mockery of humanity. If it had been Europeans that had been drifting around in the Aegean Sea we would have been shouting from the rooftops, heads would have rolled and European leaders would have had to resign, but for “these people”, we couldn’t care less..

Europe for Europeans is the new slogan, we build walls, we will fight and we will kill to keep everyone else out.

We were originally undecided whether or not to respond to the latest allegations made against us, three other NGOs and six individuals two days ago (Monday 19 July 2021).

But having been named as an organisation in yesterday’s Kathimerini – a decision that newspaper would only have made having been given our name by the Greek police, who we must assume were themselves operating with the permission of the Greek government (though none of the three: Kathimerini, the Greek police, or the Greek government, have even once contacted us about this or any other matter), we feel we have no choice but to respond.

So, to repeat what we said the last time these allegations were made (which was coincidentally the last time major international media were talking in-depth about the Greek government’s illegal and immoral practice of pushing men, women and children back from Greece):

Aegean Boat Report is not, has never been and will never be a part of any smuggling ring, anywhere on Earth. We strongly doubt that any such ring exists in the Aegean region in any case, but if it did, we would not be involved, if it does, we are not involved and should such a ring ever be formed, we would not join it or take part in any of its activities.

We are not people smugglers. We do not and never have smuggled any person or item in the entire period not only that Aegean Boat Report has existed, but also that its members have been alive.

More than this, Aegean Boat Report and its members have never broken and will never break any law.

We operate in strict adherence to international law, EU law and Greek law.

In fact, we do so with complete reliability, absolutely all of the time, which is considerably more than can be said for the current Greek government run by Kiriakos Mitsotakis and his Nea Dimokratia party.

What we do in fact do, if men, women and children contact us when they are in Greece waters, is to ensure they are met by people who can give them food, water and dry clothing, and help them enter the system and apply for asylum, as is their legal right.

The Greek government should be doing this, as it is required under international law, European law and indeed Greek law. It should be doing this because it means that they – the Greek government – would have accurate data on the number of men, women and children arriving in Greece and where they are in the process of registering, applying for asylum, and having their applications processed and decided upon by Greece and the wider European Union.

It should be doing this because it is what is safest for the men, women and children seeking asylum. And it should be doing this because it is what is best for the men, women and children who are Greek citizens – for whom the Greek government is supposed to take responsibility.

It is in fact shocking and shameful that Aegean Boat Report is being forced to do the job of the Greek government on this vital issue, because the Greek government prefers to shirk its responsibilities and, worse, to break laws to which Greece is a direct signatory.

It is neither responsible, nor even really feasible, to pretend that what Aegean Boat Report does is any way the same as ‘people smuggling’, and as this is the second time the Greek Police, acting under the guidance of the Greek government, has made these baseless allegations against us, we must ask: why?

We do not say that it is because we dedicate a portion of our time to reporting and publicising the Greek government’s consistent and unjustifiable practice of breaking the law by removing people from Greece without even allowing them to apply for asylum, even though these allegations come – as they did last time – just as international media and even the EU Commission is reporting on and criticising the government for this exact behaviour. Perhaps this latest allegation is just (another) mistake.

But we will say, once more, that the allegations against us are baseless and incorrect.

Neither Aegean Boat Report nor any person associated with it has ever smuggled any person or item or been engaged with any person or group that does so.

Neither Aegean Boat Report nor any person associated with it is engaged with any person or group which does so, or any activities involving smuggling.

And neither Aegean Boat Report nor any person associated with it will ever be engaged with any smuggling activity or person or group involved in such activity.

We have not broken, and do not and will not break, any law.

We hope these latest allegations, whether made by mistake or for any other reason, will be dropped as soon as it becomes clear to those making them how wildly incorrect they are, and will never again be made.

We would like an apology, but instead will settle for the Greek government ceasing to break international, EU and Greek law, and ceasing to smear us in this mendacious – and what is, in England referred to as vexatious – way.

We Must All End The Greek Government’s Abuse of Human Rights

The Greek government’s astonishing and unacceptable violation of human rights continues unabated, as the treatment of two more groups of vulnerable people seeking safety in the EU shows.

In the early hours of 2 July, two boats arrived on the Greek Aegean island of Lesvos, one in the north close to Chapel carrying 10 people, and one east of Tsilia in the south, carrying 20 people.

Both groups fled to the woods in the surrounding areas, hiding from the police, fearing that they, like so many before them, would be sent back to Turkey if found.

At first light, both groups contacted Aegean Boat Report for assistance. We received locations, pictures and videos on Whatsapp, which showed the new arrivals was in fact on Lesvos.

The group of 10 people, in the north, walked towards the village of Lepetimnos, then east towards Sikaminea. During the day, we lost contact with the group several times, due to bad cellphone coverage in the area. Our last contact with the group was at 9pm, when all phones went offline. They have not been online since.

UNHCR on Lesvos was informed on the arrivals and their whereabouts, what steps were taken, if any, to ensure the safety of these people is unknown.

At 12.40am on 3 July, the Turkish coast guard (TCG) found and picked up a child, alone in a small rubber boat without an engine, drifting outside Dikili, Turkey.

At 4.30am, the same TCG boat found and picked up nine people drifting in a similar rubber boat, also without an engine, in the same area.

In both cases they said they had been on land on Lesvos, arrested by police and forced back to sea by the Hellenic coast guard. The boy who was found alone, was a part of the group of 10 that arrived at Chapel, north Lesvos.

Comparing pictures taken by the group in the woods on Lesvos with the pictures taken by TCG when they were picked up at sea, there is no doubt it’s the same people. This means that 10 people, including several children, were removed from Lesvos itself and set adrift in small rubber boats by the Hellenic coast guard. They weren’t even given life vests. If this overcrowded small rubber boat had capsized, people would have drowned before anyone could reach them.

The 20 people who landed at Tsilia, in southern Lesvos, also hid in woods nearby.

After first light they divided into two groups. Twelve people from two families stayed in the area hiding, in part because some elderly people among them had difficulties walking.

The other eight people, from two families, started walking towards Tsilia, to make their presence known to the local residents. At around 8.30am, the group arrived in Tsilia, where members of the community gave them food and something to drink.

Aegean Boat Report advised them to go to the Church of Saint Nikolas, a well-known landmark in the area, to take pictures and videos to document their presence on Lesvos.

Since early morning, we had tried to find someone willing to go to Tsilia and meet them, but no organisation was willing to help: everyone was afraid to get involved, because of how the police might react. There is no doubt that it’s dangerous to get involved, to be in the same area as new arrivals, to try to help. You could face serious charges and end up in jail, just because you were there trying to make sure people are OK.

Tsilia 02.07.2021 by Hami Roshan

A journalist on Lesvos at the time, Hami Roshan, was willing to go to Tsilia to document the new arrivals. He arrived in Tsilia at around 3.30pm, interviewed the people, took some pictures as documentation and left approximately one hour later.

Pictures by Hami Roshan

Locals had already told the police about the new arrivals in Tsilia, and as the journalist left, several police cars drove towards the village. UNHCR was also informed on the arrivals in Tsilia, but what steps, if any, were taken to protect these vulnerable people, is unknown.

After this, we lost all contact with the group in Tsilia, and hours later with the group in the woods east of Tsilia.

From pictures and videos, taken by the journalist but also by the refugees themselves, there is absolutely no doubt that were on Lesvos.

Video by Hami Roshan Tsilia, Lesvos 02.07.2021

Their interactions with the local community were also videoed, but we fear the police have told those locals to keep quiet about what they did and saw.

Video by Hami Roshan, Tsilia, Lesvos 02.07.2021

At 10pm, the Turkish coast guard found and rescued 20 people from two life rafts drifting outside Dikili, Turkey, amongst them 7 year old Heliah Nazari.

From the extensive footage received from this group while on Lesvos, there is absolutely no doubt that it’s the same people found drifting in the life rafts by the Turkish coast guard.

Video from TCG

No arrivals were officially registered by the Greek government as having arrived on Lesvos this day, nor any of the following days.

Normally the case would have ended here, it’s one of a huge number of well-documented pushback cases, violations of international laws and human rights performed by the Greek authorities. There is no doubt what took place here, and who’s responsible.

But this case doesn’t end here.

On this particular day, as a sheer stroke of luck, the Turkish coast guard had allowed members of the international press onboard: one crew from a Japanese news outlet, an independent photojournalist, and a crew from The New York Times.

This TCG vessel was the same one which found and rescued the group of 20 people who had landed east of Tsilia, drifting outside Dikili in two life rafts, and later picked up the group of 10 people that had arrived at Chapel.

Aegean Boat Report shared pictures and videos of the groups from Lesvos with Carlotta Gall from The New York Times. From the footage they confirmed these were the same people they had interviewed on the TCG vessel, after they had been rescued from the life rafts. The report from The New Tork Times can be read here: ‘They Just Left Us’: Greece Is Accused of Setting Migrants Adrift at Sea – The New York Times (

And these cases also came at an interesting time, as earlier this week (13 July 2021), the BBC broadcast a news report, in which the Greek government’s policy and practice of illegally removing men women and children from Greece to deny them their fundamental human right to apply for asylum was displayed and discussed.

The report includes a video of a pushback by the Greek Coastguard, which took place from the island of Kos in March 2020, at the beginning of the government’s increase of this illegal, dangerous and shameful practice. The entire video, that was provided by Aegean Boat Report to the BBC can be watched here.

Greece’s Migration Minister Notis Mitarachis responded to this accurate and stark presentation of his Ministry’s – and his government’s – deliberate and consistent breaking of international law with a statement in which he said:

‘Allegations affecting Greece are clearly unfounded, rely on footage or testimonials provided for from the country of departure. Numerous cases have been investigated, including by the European Union, and reports have found no evidence of any breach of EU fundamental rights.’

This statement, as yet seemingly unchallenged by international media, argues both that the allegations of pushbacks are ‘unfounded’ and that footage of them happening actually exists. Which is a surprising foundation for an argument.

He adds that the footage which does exist – of pushbacks he claims did not happen – ‘came from the country of departure’. Not only is this irrelevant, it is also absolutely untrue: we and many other monitoring organisations have photos and video footage shot by the men, women and children being illegally forced out of Greece – in many cases while they are still in Greece. 

And while on the subject of false claims, we must state that while Mitarachis says ‘numerous cases have been investigated’ the Greek government has, to date, refused to investigate a single case which has taken place in the Aegean Sea, despite the repeated demands from the Greek Ombudsman that it must do so (because this is not an issue of ‘outsiders attacking Greece’ it is an issue of people who believe in the law attempting to encourage the Greek government to abide by it and investigate situations in which it appears to have been broken).

Nor indeed, despite Mitarachis’ statement, has the ‘European Union’ investigated ‘numerous cases’ let alone any in Greece. Indeed, in May this year, the European Commission responded to an open letter from Koraki and other organisations and stated that it had not and (incorrectly) could not investigate incidents involving the Greek government and its employees.

Indeed, Ylva Johansson, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, whose department is supposed to have responsibility for refugees, people seeking asylum, their rights and safety in the EU, described the Greek government’s activities as: ‘violations of our fundamental European values’.

We welcome Ms Johannsson’s comments, especially since in the past she has seemed to seek to defend the Greek government’s activities. We hope this is an indication that the Commissioner is become tired of the government’s repeated lies and refusal to even investigate the hundreds of incidents in which thousands of people have been illegally forced out of Greece and denied the right to apply for asylum.

And we would add that in fact, these pushbacks are more than ‘violations of fundamental European values; They are violations of international law; violations of people’s fundamental human rights. Violations of morality, common decency, basic safety standards and of the welfare not just of these men, women and children but of us all.

And they are being carried out as standard practice by the Greek government and its uniformed officers.

From 1 January – 30 June this year, the Greek government registered 1,211 men, women and children as arrivals in Greece via the Aegean Sea. In the same period, it carried out 174 pushbacks, in which 4,960 people were illegally forced out of Greece.

That means the Greek government has, this year, stripped the rights (and often also the possessions) of 89.5 per cent of people who have attempted to enter the EU via the Aegean Sea.

From 1 March 2020 to 30 June 2021, it has pushed back 14,431 people and only allowed 5,184 to register: breaking the law to prevent 74.6 per cent of all new arrivals from being allowed to exercise their legal rights and apply for asylum.

And the Greek government is actually increasing the pace at which it carries out these entirely illegal, immoral and shameful acts. In June 2021 alone, it registered just 97 men, women and children as new arrivals on the Aegean islands. It pushed back 1,089. That’s a pushback rate of 91.8 per cent. The cases of 2-3 July just prove it continues even now.

This is not acceptable. We say so, but it is not only us.

The European Commission says so. The Council of Europe says so. The Greek Ombudsman says so. Hundreds of Greek and international organisations say so, and every code of moral behaviour, as well as European and international law, say so.

It cannot continue. This is not about ‘Greece’ or Greek people. It is about the Greek government, which is breaking the law, behaving in a shocking and unacceptable fashion towards vulnerable men, women and children, lying to Greek people about its ‘right’ to do so, and lying to the world about wheter it is doing so at all.’

The Greek government is breaking the law, and in the process endangering human lives, and stripping us all of our most fundamental human rights. It cannot be allowed to continue to do so. We call on all organisations, all political agencies, and most importantly perhaps you and all other people, in Greece and beyond, to come together, step up and stop this horrific abuse of the law and human rights.