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The Bermuda Triangle Of The Aegean

That people disappear from time to time, for many reasons, is well known all over the world, but that large groups of people magically disappears, on a daily basis in Europe, is uncommon, at least it was.

Over the last 19 months large groups of refugees has kept disappearing after arriving on the Greek Aegean island, only to resurface hours or days later, drifting in life rafts in the Aegean Sea. Greek authorities seemingly baffled by these magical events, seems to have know answers on these heavenly interventions.

In the last 19 months almost 8000 people have magically disappeared after arriving on the Greek Aegean islands, only to have been found in a total of 450 life rafts drifting in the Aegean Sea. A magic show that would have put even David Copperfield in the shadows, if it in fact was magic, it’s not, it’s an systematic violation of international laws and human rights performed by the Greek authorities.

A boat carrying 26 people landed in Dotia area, between Emporio and Vroulidia, Chios south east before first light on October 21.

The appropriate authorities was notified, given all details on the new arrivals, also that they wish to apply for asylum by email from Panayote Dimitras, Greek Helsinki Minitor (GHM).

From information in the local online news Astraparis, port police on chios told the journalist that they had no information on this incident, besides a email from the NGO Greek Helsinki Monitor, and referred to the local police.

According to the General Regional Police Directorate of the North Aegean, nobody had been found, but they were still searching. This was most likely not true, and the intention was not to officially find them at all, so that they magically disappeared during the night, as so many before them.

From looking at the official arrival information published by the Greek authorities no arrivals was registered on Chios this day, nor the following days.

From a video taken in the hills north east of Broulidia Beach, published in local news, all doubts on if they in fact had been on Chios, is removed, any local will confirm that the location is on Chios.

The Greek deputy Ombudsman, George P. Nikolopoulos, Department of human rights, sent a letter to Border Protection Police, Chios Police, Samos Police on 15/11 – copied to GHM, asking questions regarding the incident and the whereabouts of these people.

The arrival was thoroughly documented, not only was pictures, videos and geolocation data received, but also detailed personal information on all who arrived in this group. All this information was provided to the appropriate authorities.

Their arrival was published by the Greek Helsinki Monitor, Astraparis, EFSYN and Aegean Boat Report, no information was provided by the authorities, and no people was officially found on Chios.

On the following morning, October 22, at 04.20 am, 25 people was found and picked up from two life rafts drifting outside Kusadssi, by the Turkish coast guard (TCG)

From pictures published by TCG, there is absolutely no doubt, it’s the same people who the previous day arrived on Chios.

Several people from the group is positively identified in both pictures and videos taken on Chios, and pictures and videos published by TCG.

The question is not if it’s them, because it is, the questions is how did they end up in these life rafts and who was responsible for putting them there.

Greek authorities continues to deny any involvement in these pushbacks, lying to both the EU Commision and international journalists. It has been proven, without a doubt, that these pushbacks are performed by the Hellenic coast guard and special forces belonging to the Greek armed forces, on direct orders from the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. All do he pretends to have no knowledge on these atrocities, it’s unlikely that a head of state is unaware of massive operations undertaken by it’s coast guard and armed forces over the last 19 months.

The EU commission seems to be unwilling to put necessary pressure on Greece to try to put and end to this illegal and systematic violations of international law and human rights, performed by a member state. Our fundamental European values are undermined by the very people we have put to protect them.

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