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14 People Pushed Back From Ikaria

In the morning of August 5, a boat carrying 26 people landed on Paralia Lero beach, Ikaria north. Only 12 people was officially registered as arrived on Ikaria, and transported to Samos.

Question is what happened to the rest of this group, police claims they only found 12 people, but locals that was on Paralia Lero beach this morning, confirmed that far more than 12 people arrived. From videos sent, we can confirm that the group consisted of 26 people, so 14 people from this landing seemed to have magically disappeared, again.

26 people arriving on Paralia Lero Beach, Ikaria

When they arrived several locals was already at the beach, police was informed straight away. From videos and pictures received by Aegean Boat Report, we can see numerous people and cars at the beach.

The new arrivals left the beach and walked towards the airport, also her they documented their presence on the island, and shared the footage with Aegean Boat Report.

There is no doubt that this group arrived on Ikaria, the footage they sent, and local witnesses, would be impossible to deny, still Greek police claim that they only found 12 people.

At 21.50, August 5, Turkish coast guard reported to have rescued 14 people from a life raft drifting outside Didim, Turkey. We assumed that this was in fact the missing 14 from Ikaria, but needed conclusive evidence to be able to confirm.

Videos and pictures now published by the Turkish coast guard, confirms that the 14 people picked up outside Didim, was without a doubt the 14 missing people from Ikaria. Aegean Boat Report have identified 8 people from the TCG footage, the same 8 people can be found in the footage taken on Ikaria.

TCG Rescuing 14 people from a life raft outside Didim, Turkey.

So why register 12 people, and push back 14 people from the same landing. The people pushed back was only men, the 12 registered was families, men, women and children. After arriving on Paralia Lero beach, they split up into two groups, 12 and 14 people, the families stayed behind at the beach, while the others group walked towards the Airport.

Police found 12 people at Paralia Lero beach, locals were present, observing, it would be extremely difficult for the police to claim that nobody arrived, therefore these 12 was registered as arrived, and transported to quarantine facilities on Samos.

The 14 that left the beach on the other hand, was found by police in the mountain, far from the eyes of locals, and could easily be removed without questions. Had they stayed at the beach together with the rest, they most likely would have been in quarantine on Samos.

“They found us in the mountain, close to the airport” one of the victims told Aegean Boat Report. Police ensured them that they would be taken to camp on Samos, this did not happen and was obviously a lie. “We were taken in an old van down to a small port, there they put us on a white and blue fishing boat, this boat transported us out to a Greek coast guard vessel”.

A local fisherman assisted the coast guard, who this man was is difficult to say, but most likely someone with close connection to local police. Locals on Ikaria could probably point in the right direction, if anyone would be interested in investigating this case further.

“They forced us in the dark into this raft” a man said, at gun point they had little choice. 14 people was left drifting by the Hellenic coast guard, in a life raft in the Aegean Sea. Inhuman and illegal actions performed by the Hellenic coast guard on orders from the Greek government continues.

Yet another violent and illegal pushback carried out by Greece’s police and coastguard, on the orders of the country’s Nea Dimokratia government.

We can’t say “we didn’t know”, because we do, it’s proven without a doubt that the Greek government is responsible for crimes against humanity, so why don’t we care enough to stop these atrocities?

Everyone seems to be looking the other way, it’s not our problem, it’s not our people, so why should we care? The unwillingness by European politicians to act and stop these atrocities is a mockery of humanity. If it had been Europeans that had been drifting around in the Aegean Sea we would have been shouting from the rooftops, heads would have rolled and European leaders would have had to resign, but for “these people”, we couldn’t care less..

Europe for Europeans is the new slogan, we build walls, we will fight and we will kill to keep everyone else out.

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