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“I Reject The Pushbac Concept”

On June 26 Aegean Boat Report published a report on 61 people that was stranded on the small rocky island of Fragkos, south west of Lipsi.

Published June 26 2021

What happened to this group have until now been somewhat unclear, but we assumed that they had been illegally returned to Turkey by the Hellenic coast guard, no arrivals was registered in the area.

The Hellenic coast guard claims that there was nobody on Fragkos when they arrived, after being informed that people had been stranded there for three days, by both Aegean Boat Report and Alarmphone. This is of course not tru, we have pictures, videos and geolocation data that can without a doubt place this group on Fragkos on this date, so what really happened?

At first, In fear of being pushed back, they didn’t want to inform the Greek coast guard, but after being stuck on the island for three days, Greek coast guard was informed. There was no option, without food and water they couldn’t stay on the island.

How they ended up on this small rocky island is unclear, information we have so far is that they were heading towards Italy, but the engine broke down and they drifted towards Fragkos.

At 10.30 in the morning, we were informed that a Greek coast guard vessel had arrived, and uniformed personnel from this vessel had come ashore, shortly after all contact phones went offline. This information has of course been denied by the Hellenic coast guard, because as they said “there was nobody there”, again people have magically disappeared, this seems to happen a lot in the Aegean Sea, it’s like the “Bermuda Triangle” of Europe..

The Hellenic coast guard realized that the boat they had arrived with wasn’t big enough to transport 61 people off the island, and they called to get another boat to the area.

After searching everyone, confiscating phones, ID papers and money, men, women and children were forced onto the two vessels from the Hellenic coast guard, 40 on the bigger vessel and 21 in the smaller and taken back out to sea.

In the afternoon a Turkish fishing vessel found and rescued 21 people, several of them very small children, from a life raft drifting south of Didim, Turkey. Turkish coast guard was informed, people was later transferred to a vessel from the Turkish coast guard and taken to Didim, Turkey.

At 19.00 Turkish coast guard found and rescued 40 people from two life rafts drifting south west of Didim, Turkey, not far from the Greek island of Farmakonisi. Also this group was taken to Didim, Turkey.

People from both these incidents claimed to have arrived on Fragkos, later removed from the island and forced into life rafts by the Hellenic coast guard. The Hellenic coast guard on the other hand denies any involvement, as we know, they always abbey by the rules at sea, and always put human lives first, at least if the human lives are rich tourists, or Greek national’s that is, because “these people”, they seems not to be considered humans in Greece.

This seems to be a never ending story, the Greek government are systematically violating information laws and human rights in an industrial scale, unparalleled in Europe since the time when nazis ruled. This time we can’t say “we didn’t know”, because we do, it’s proven without a doubt that the Greek government is responsible for crimes against humanity, so why don’t we care enough to stop these atrocities?

Everyone seems to be looking the other way, it’s not our problem, it’s not our people, so why should we care? The unwillingness by European politicians to act and stop these atrocities is a mockery of humanity. If it had been Europeans that had been drifting around in the Aegean Sea we would have been shouting from the rooftops, heads would have rolled and European leaders would have had to resign, but for “these people”, we couldn’t care less..

Europe for Europeans is the new slogan, we build walls, we will fight and we will kill to keep “unwanted” people out.

“I reject the pushbac concept, i reject the term. That concept, the word dosen`t exist in my vocabulary. When boat comes, we will do EVERYTHING so that the boat returnes where it came from”.

“Kyriakos Mitsotakis”

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