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Pushback Chios December 17th

A boat carrying 34 people landed south of Vokaria, Chios south east just before midnight on December 17th. Scared they fled to the woods in several smaller groups, hiding until first light.

The following morning 8 people was found in the village of Nenita, several locals had seen them and called the police. 8 people was officially registered as arrived on Chios 18th of December and taken to the quarantine site in Lefkonia.

Police searched the area all day, and found the remaining 26 people that had been hiding, many of them very small children. The local online newspaper Astraparis wrote about the new arrivals, from locals it was estimated to be between 38-40 people, the correct number was 34. Everyone assumed that all the new arrivals would be taken to the quarantine site, that was not the case.…/

26 people was found and taken to an unknown location, probably out of sight of the public, held in this area until dark, before transported back to sea by a vessel from the Hellenic coast guard.

On December 19th, just after midnight Turkish coast guard picked up a life raft outside Kusadasi, Turkey, packed with 26 people, many of them very small children. They had been drifting for several hours before being found, and taken back to land in Turkey.

Pictures posted by the Turkish coast guard from when they picked them up from the life raft leaves no doubt, it’s the same people who Aegean Boat Report received pictures and videos from on land on Chios, several people are positively identified.

The 8 people who went to the village of Nenita wasn’t pushed back because to many locals had seen them, but the rest they illegally deported, in violation of international law and human rights. Who puts so many small children in a life raft and leave them at sea, I wonder if the people who did this had children of their own..

Turkish coast guard report on the incident: Aydın Açıklarında 26 Düzensiz Göçmen Kurtarılmıştır (

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