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Greek police accuse 33 people of helping migrant smuggling

The Greek government, the same government that is practicing illegal pushbacks on an industrial scale, putting families and children in inflatable life rafts, drifting in the Aegean Sea, in direct violation of international laws and human rights, are once again targeting non-government organizations and volunteers.

Greek authorities have prepared a case file against 33 foreign nationals, members of four NGOs dealing with refugee issues on the island of Lesvos. The case file against the specific NGOs reportedly includes the offenses of forming and joining a criminal organization, espionage, violation of state secrets, as well as human trafficking.

We have seen this same approach several times before, trying to criminalize NGOs, aid workers and those who dare stand up against the injustice done by this disgraceful government. Make no mistake, they are trying to scare people to silence, anyone standing up against and highlighting their inhuman treatment of vulnerable people seeking safety, is a treat, and needs to be eliminated.

Organizations on the ground might be scared to report on how bad the situation really is, to speak up, in fear of being kicked out of the camp they work in, or licenses revoked, so they stay quiet, fall in line and keep their mouths shut. By being quiet, they fail the very people they came to help and protect, and are no longer a part of the solution, but a part of the problem. Organizations working inside the new camp on Lesvos is strangely quiet, they should have been screaming from the rooftops, but they stay quiet. Knowing how the conditions are in this camp and many others, proves my point perfectly.

Aegean Boat Report will not be intimidated to keep quiet, or look the other way when vulnerable people’s rights are being violated, and will continue to put the spotlight towards injustice. I will not go quite into the Night!

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