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They Need Your Support Now!

There is a desperate need of support on Lesvos after the fire in Moria, and many have asked who they should support. It’s actually a very difficult question, there are many organizations and NGOs doing a tremendous job on the ground.

Picture ©Giorgos Moutafis

When that is said, unfortunately, there are also organizations that are taking advantage of this disaster, to benefit on others misery, only to build up their bank accounts, so that they can give themselves even higher salaries. I have seen organizations that hardly have any volunteers on the ground, doing basically nothing to support, take inn hundreds of thousands of euros, this is a concern. When asked what they are doing to support, they answer that they need to assess the situation, evaluate what help is needed.. Its obvious that people needs help NOW, families with children are living in the streets and needs immediate support, not after long evaluations and fancy board meetings.

So please, when you support a organization, and you definitely should, make sure this organization/NGO actually are doing something on the ground, that they are helping NOW, because the money is needed NOW, and shouldn’t go to support a General secretary’s fat salary!

Aegean Boat Report has put together a list of Organizations/NGOs that really can use your support. This is done because there has been many questions, especially on where to send donations, so that the people can get the help they desperately needs NOW. This list contains only 20 organizations/NGOs, and it’s not made to offend anyone, yes, there are probably many more who are doing great work on the ground, and perhaps should have been on a list, but when you ask, these are 20 recommendations from Aegean Boat Report.

Attika Human Support

Because We Carry



Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid

Healthbridge Medical Organization

Home for All

Humanity Crew

Kitrinos Healthcare

Lesvos Solidarity – Pikpa

Medical Volunteers International

Moria Corona Awareness Teamhttps://www.facebook.comMoriaCoronaAwarenessTeam/

MSF – Greece

No Border Kitchen Lesvos

Refugee 4 Refugees

Team Humanity

The Hope project

Together for Better Days

Watershed Foundation

Feel free to recommend other organizations in the comment section, but the list above will not be edited. In the end, anyone who wants to support a organization, should take the time to look into what the organization are actually doing, and if the money donated is being received on the ground where it’s needed. Any slandering remarks and down talk about organizations, is NOT wanted on this post, and will be removed immediately!

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