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The End Of Moria..

Yesterday Moria burned, today we could see the devastating result, the camp that once housed almost 13.000 people was turned into twisted metal and ashes. It’s difficult to see how this camp can be used in the nearby future to house anyone.

Only a few sections remained fairly intact after yesterday’s fires, tonight these zones are also burning. Fires erupted in at least two different areas, Zone 9 and 10 has already been burned down tonight, one more will most likely not make it through tonight’s fire. That leaves only one zone in the entire camp habitable, zone 11, room for roughly 1500 people. Around 11.000 people will need to find new accommodations, if the remaining zone lives through the night.

All roads has been blocked by police in the area, no organization has been allowed to enter within a 6 km radius, NGOs are standing ready to help, but they are not allowed to enter. People are filling up the streets, and the surrounding woods, seeking shelter wherever they can.

Local fascists groups has started to patrol the streets in Mytilíni, there has also been reports on clashes between locals and refugees. The situation is chaotic and extremely tense, police are trying to keep people from entering Mytilíni. Refugees and MAT forces has already clashed in Panagiouda, Kara-Tepe area, people have just had enough.

Greek government has announced that they will bring in a ferry, and two military vessels, to house people temporarily, in addition to 3500 tents. The Blue Star ferry will arrive in Mytilíni tonight, the military vessel tomorrow. Temporary camps will be put up in Klic of Larsos, and in Lemonou, to house the homeless residents from Moria. A military plane are arriving tonight, bringing tents to be set up in these areas.

Mitarakis indicates that Moria camp, witch has been totally destroyed by the fire, will not be rebuilt but replaced with a closed facility, a prison. When this will happen, and who will fund it, remains to be seen, hopefully the EU will not fund prisons for families and children..

The deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Managment, Nikos Chardalias declared a state of emergency on Lesvos, for the next four months. Police presence on the island is expected to be substantially boosted.

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