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Another pushback by HCG!

On Monday morning, July 27th, a boat carrying 25 people was trying to cross from Cèsme, Turkey to Chios Greece.

The boat was stopped by the Greek coast guard vessel(make and model: Motomarine Pathner 57 MkII class patrol boat) LS-611, who is stationed on Chios, inside Greek territorial waters. After petrol was removed from the boat, Greek coast guard towed it to the Turkish border and left it adrift.

After a few hours they where eventually picked up by the Turkish coast guard outside Cape Karaabdullah, Cèsme.

From videos received when stopped by Greek coast guard, we can clearly identify several people from the boat, that later can be found in the pictures released by Turkish coast guard, there is no doubt, it’s the same boat!

These violations of international laws and human rights is happening every single day in the Aegean sea, it’s well documented, but Europe seems to be looking the other way. That an EU member state are allowed to violate these laws repeatedly, without any reaction from the EU, seems to be no coincidence. How many innocent people must die before we wake up..

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