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Greek minister obviously lying on international TV!

Greek minister for migration and asylum, Notis Mitarachi, categorically denies that Greece are pushing back boats in the Aegean Sea. The evidence that tells a different story is overwhelming, the Greek minister is obviously lying on international TV. To think that he don’t know what is going on would be naive, most likely he’s theContinue reading “Greek minister obviously lying on international TV!”

Refugees forced in to a rubber boat by HCG.

Another pushback video was published by Turkish coast guard, showing three vessels from the Greek Coast Guard while they were forcefully putting people in a rubber boat without a engine, and leaving them drifting at sea. This pushback happened on Friday evening, allegedly outside Lesvos north, location can not be verified from data in theContinue reading “Refugees forced in to a rubber boat by HCG.”

German Frontex interveen after pushback attempt June 4th.

A boat carrying 32 people was in distress outside Lesvos north east this morning. Their engine had been removed by Greek coast guard, they also used their boat to make waves, so that the refugee boat would drift towards Turkey. They where left helpless in the sea, drifting. People onboard jumped in the sea, andContinue reading “German Frontex interveen after pushback attempt June 4th.”

Applaudin Pushbacks!

The Mayor’s of Mytilini, Chios and East Samos issued a joint statement expressing their gratitude towards the coast guard, who bravely is defending the maritime borders, with weapons, against defenseless refugees, unarmed children, women and men, seeking refuge. Is this something people should be proud of, and who in their right mind would applaud theseContinue reading “Applaudin Pushbacks!”

Important news nowhere to be found in media. Why?

There has been a substantial increase in numbers of refugees leaving for the Greek islands in August this year. Compared to last year’s 5,483 departures in August only, there’s been an increase of 299% with the same month this year’s total of 21,870 hopeful refugees who set out from Turkey on their dangerous journeys crossingContinue reading “Important news nowhere to be found in media. Why?”