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⚠️Urgent Appeal, 90 People In Imminent Danger Of Being Pushed Back From Kos⚠️

Earlier today, Saturday May 7th, a sailboat carrying approximately 90 people, amongst them 30 children, was forced to go towards land on Kos due to engine problems.

They arrived in a remote area on kos, south west of Limnionas beach, in a rocky area, luckily everyone made it ashore with only minor casualties.

A child, a little girl, was wounded in the head when they tried to get ashore.

The group contacted Aegean Boat Report for assistance, they provide pictures, videos and geolocations, to document their presence on Kos. They fear that when Greek authorities finds them, they will be illegal returned to Turkey.

The boat was smacked against the cliffs and sank within one hour after arriving, a small boy is asking for someone to come and help them.

They have asked the international community for protection, but fear that their prayers will be in vain., her they ask the United Nations for help.

The group have made several fires to try to stay warm during the night, and we assume that the authorities have been informed on the activities in the area, especially from fishermen fishing close to shore this night, their boats are visible from land.

Aegean Boat Report will try to stay in contact with the group throughout the night, any change in location will be registered on WhatsApp live location, as long as we are connected.

The group have a long night ahead, hopefully parents will manage to at least keep their children warm, and hopefully they will eventually find a safe place when the new day begins.

In the morning authorities will get an email where all information necessary to find and rescue this group is provided, also including their names, date of birth, nationality and birth place.

We request that the appropriate authorities immediately transfer all members of this group to the nearest reception centre and allow them to register for asylum.

These men, women and children are asking for nothing illegal, and nothing more than everyone else – including everyone reading this and the person who wrote it – is entitled to.

They are asking for a chance. A chance to show that they have good reason to be in the EU, searching for a place to live, learn and work. A chance to remain in a safe space for long enough to apply for asylum. A chance, of course, to be allowed to become part of a community in which they can thrive and to which they can contribute, rather than facing the real risk of death in their homeland.

It is their legal right, to come here and to apply for asylum. It is your legal right, you father’s, your mother’s, your children’s and their children’s. You would not remove it from them, or yourself. And it must not be removed from them.

These people deserve at least the chance to apply for somewhere decent to live. They probably deserve more than that. We all do. It is their – and your – right. And by standing to protect their right, we also stand to protect our own.

The group has given Aegean Boat Report permission to publish all information, pictures, videos and location data, to the general public, in a desperate effort to prevent Greek authorities from illegal deported this group back to Turkey.

Update 08.05.2022

The group has been found and taken to camp on Kos, from news reports we can read that The Hellenic coast guard stated that they were found in the “evening hours of yesterday”, that`s from what we know wrong, nobody had arrived on location last night. A total of 106 peopl , 72 men, 14 women and 20 children was found this morning, and have been taken to R.I.C. on Kos.